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Pregnancy is a very profound and life changing event in anyone’s life, much more than just a physical occurrence. The decision to bring another human being into the world is a major life transition with huge responsibilities attached. It is important that responsible choices as per the health and development of the baby are made.

It is very common for a lot of people to put off reproducing until a much later age these days. This brings along its own set of complications. The process of getting pregnant involves fertilization. Fertilization is the fusion of both the male and female gametes to form a zygote. The longer people put this off, the more likely it is for the experience to bring some complications especially in the area of health. Being excessively overweight or underweight have been some of the problems associated with a lot of people’s inability to conceive.

pregant organic Our fertility acupuncture Orange County clinic is known to help people experiencing infertility tremendously in this area. Research shows that acupuncture has been helpful to couples undergoing IVF (in-vitro fertilization) because it aims to restore health by stimulating specific points along the body’s pathways with thin needles and to balance vital energy that flows through the body. Acupuncture for fertility in Orange County is known to work wonders for all.

Happy Patient Testimonial

23 years old pregnant female requests “pharmaceutical free labor induction”

E-mail message:

“hello doctor,
I would be a new patient.
I would like to know if you induce labor? I know that some acupuncturists do.”

The mother was a week “overdue” when she visited me and was administered acupuncture on some points and moxibustion. That happened on the morning on a Saturday, approx. 10:30 am.


E-mail message:

“Girl. Water broke Sat at 8:30pm. She was born Sunday morn at 1:44 am. We credit our lovely 7lb7oc 19.5″ girl and the easy 5 hour labor to you and the science of Accupuncture.”

C.C. San Clemente, CA

There are several important choices to put into practice by the expectant mother. The type of diet they choose while pregnant is vital because the developing fetus feeds on the same thing the mother ingests through the mother’s blood. A healthy and natural diet will benefit the fetus more.

Care must be taken by the mother to reduce the kind of pollution the unborn baby is exposed to. There is need to steer clear of inhaling harmful chemicals like pesticides and phthalates, taking powerful medications that can have lasting damaging effect on the baby, or using materials that contain toxic ingredients on the skin and hair. It is much better to use organic and natural products during this period.

no stress during pregnancyStress can be damaging to the baby so the expectant mother whose day-to-day life is packed with stress will have to find ways to de stress and relax more. Acupuncture and massages help in this regard especially for lower back pains and they should be explored as much as they can be tolerated and also be safely done. Our experienced doctor of fertility acupuncture in Orange County will help you feel at ease while providing you with answers to any questions you may have regarding fertility acupuncture.

The pregnancy period is always considered to be the happiest time for the mother. This is not often the case, some expectant mothers experience a lot of mixed emotions, anxieties and worries about the well being of the baby and the lifestyle change that will have to accompany having a new child. The Holistic Pregnancy approach that deals with the total well being of both mother and child helps in dealing with these emotions. Holistic pregnancy employs natural methods in every process starting from the type of diet the mother needs, her daily routines and in preparing for childbirth.

Childbirth is the culmination of a pregnancy. The birthing of a child carry along its own set of complications. Every mother wants the safest and painless childbirth experience possible. Natural birth Orange County is an environment you can trust to support you in meeting these goals. Natural birth induction involves a subtle and effective manipulation of the body to help the cervix dilate. Natural birth Orange County always advise the use of natural birth methods to possibly eradicate the common complications that occur from using medications to induce labor. Some of the side effects from using artificial methods to quicken the process of labor are fetal distresses, and stalled labor. These sometimes lead to cesarean sections.

Pharmaceutical free labor induction can also reduce forceps and vacuum related births. Some of the natural birth methods suggested to mothers are nipple stimulation which deposits oxytocin hormone that is responsible for contraction. Sexual intercourse is advised because the semen is a significant source of prostaglandins that makes the cervix to open. There are some other claims that drinking castor oil, eating eggplant Parmesan or spicy foods can also induce labor. All of these methods are considered safer than taking medications and should be used if possible and medically advisable.


“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato

Katalin Csoka L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,Ph.D., MD (Hungary)


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Q&A: Fertility Acupuncture Orange County & Natural Child Birth
Pregnancy is a true blessing for a woman who attains her much wanted baby. Fertility acupuncture in Orange County, CA has helped several women become mothers. We tell all; if you are local, contact us today!

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