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Selfie time – My happy Yogi!

I love your pets! Acupuncture and alternative cures aren’t just for us “human animals,” but also for our beloved pets! – Dr. Csoka

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Relieved Dog Owner Testimonial:

“My new puppy was dying of parvo-virus. The vet projected a $2000 minimum cost with overnight stays and no guarantee, so that was out of the question. Dr Csoka was able to give my dog the the nutrients through IV, give him proper treatment and this was at the fraction of the cost. Thanks to her, today he is well, full of energy and she managed his care without any close calls -this compared to the vet giving us a 50% chance of survival! I would definitely recommend her and Biorient any day of the week for any ailment:) Thank you!!”

– ggati80 (via Google+)

Happy Dog, Happy Dog Owner

Happy Dog, Happy Dog Owner

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