Moxibustion/Acupuncture including Breech Baby Turning in Orange County

acupuncture & moxibustion

Moxibustion is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that utilizes moxa which is prepared with the dried herb known as mugwort. Dr. Csoka uses moxa to warm specific regions of the body, more specifically, acupuncture points. It is used to stimulate circulation which induces a smooth flow of qi.

There are several techniques of performing moxibustion, such as using a moxa stick to directly warm the area on the skin. Also, moxibusion can be performed by placing the moxa at the end of an already placed needle and igniting it to generate heat.

a common request: treatment for baby breech positioning

By using moxibustion, breech positioning can be reversed. Breech babies present with their bottoms down. A baby positioned this way may have a difficult time being born and a Caesarian section is often recommended. Using moxa is known as a safe and effective method of turning breech babies. The reason for this is due to the warming effect of the moxa, which promotes movement. This warming effect is used to encourage the baby to become more active. The rest of the process is simply achieved by gravity as the heaviest part of the baby, the head, moves into the head down position. This technique is also used for correcting a baby who is in a transverse position.

The point which is targeted for this therapy is located on the outer edge of the little toes. No heat is placed near the uterus and this method is equally safe for mother and child. Many mothers seek this treatment option as it is safe, non-invasive and completely natural. Dr. Csoka in Orange County has a well-known track record and success rate in turning breech babies with this treatment.

In addition to the effectiveness this method has on turning breech babies, moxibustion has many other benefits. Some common ailments that Dr. Csoka treats with this method include:

• Low immune system
• Menstrual cramps
• Cold hands and feet
• Arthritis
• Common cold
• Muscle pain
• Natural/pharmaceutical-free labor induction

The heated herb of moxibustion has very strong effects on blood circulation and the immune system. The effects on longevity and vitality have been clearly stated in many ancient medical texts. Many practitioners suggest performing this therapy regularly for general health.

While this treatment is generally safe there are some contraindications. Your practitioner will be aware if you are well suited for this therapy after an initial assessment. Those who suffer from respiratory disorders or sensitivity to smells may ask their practitioner to use smokeless moxa during their session as an alternative. Smokeless moxa is used in the same ways as regular moxa just with less smoke and odor.

Dr. Csoka will be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information and detail specific treatment options. We look forward to meeting you at our convenient Orange County office