A peek inside Biorient Integrative Clinic, the home of Dr. Katalin Csoka, world renowned medical practitioner.
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WOW I can move my arm!

“Dear Dr. Csoka,

Wanted to thank you EVER SO MUCH, I can move my arm now 

WOW, it’s amazing, those 4 consecutive treatments and the herbs you gave me have worked almost to a level of a miracle.

Exactly 1 week ago today 10/1, I couldn’t move my arm in front of me, behind me or raise my arm any higher than a couple of inches away from my body.

The pain was excruciating to the point of making me feverish. On a scale of 1-10, I would say my pain was way above 11, not to mention the immobility. FROZEN SHOULDER–one of the names of the condition, but I just know how incredibly painful it is.

In my case with your help, it just WAS, and isn’t anymore. This is from an e-mail I sent this morning to a relative in Florida: “I walk around holding my hands behind my back (crazy) just because NOW I CAN.”

Being an engineer by trade it helps me understand and quantify the before and after.

I would say:

Pain before treatment: 10+

Pain after treatment: 2, and improving by the hour.

Mobility before treatment: maybe 5%

Mobility after treatment: 90% at least.

Day and night difference in my book. I read a little about the known traditional western medicine treatment and the up to 2 year recovery of range of motion, etc. It scared me.

Dr. Csoka you are my hero.

Thank you.”


Bella Young, Component Engineer


Pregnancy in breach position

“I was referred to Dr. Csoka by my OB because I was 35 weeks pregnant and the baby was in a breech presentation. I went in right away and felt very comfortable with Dr. Csoka, she provided me with research findings and began treatment right away. The baby successfully turned in 1 week, thanks to the acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. I am so grateful for her expertise.”

Ann, H Mission Viejo


Ulcerative Colitis

“My teenage son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year. Doctors had him on three different medications which involved taking 20 pills a day. He still was not getting the relief he needed from his symptoms and was suffering from the negative side effects of these powerful drugs. He began seeing Dr. Csoka once a week for acupuncture and taking the two herbal supplements she recommended. On the third week his symptoms began to subside and he was once again able to eat a regular diet. Over the next few weeks he weaned off all the prescribed medications with no set backs. Today he feels great, eats what he wants and is enjoying life. Dr. Csoka took the time to clearly understand my son’s situation. She has been a blessing to our family and I would strongly recommend her guidance and care to anyone.”

Ally and Garrett Yacovone Mission Viejo CA


53 years old with Gout & RA

“I have been diagnosed with gout as well as arthritis. Both ailments causes inflammation of my ankle joint resulting in a great deal of pain and discomfort. Dr. Csoka has treated my condition using a combination of acupuncture and herbs. After several treatments the inflammation subsided and the pain was greatly relieved. Acupuncture and herbal treatment is an excellent alternative to expensive pharmaceutical drugs with their harmful side effects.”

Patrick Onishi, Operation Manager, Irvine, CA


35 years old Former Navy

“I’ve been a skeptic of many things including many western medical practices most of my life. Dr. Csoka has shown me that there is a balance between eastern disciplines and western medicine that can help to relieve some discomforts I thought I would have to live with.

Dr. Csoka is very passionate about what she does and even practices on herself. Her caring hands and winning personality have left me extremely satisfied time and again and I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for relief from physical discomfort. She has helped me to relieve pain and discomfort from something as painful as muscle pain and tension to the smallest thing, like relieving the unsightliness of minor bruising.

This is a must do!!! If you’re even considering acupuncture, may I be the first to suggest that you act on the thought and relieve yourself TODAY!”

Jennifer Watson, Director of Quality Systems, West Covina, CA


Overused wrist with a Ganglion Cyst

“Working on the computer all day, I developed a big, 1x1x2 cm Ganglion Cyst on the top of my right wrist. My physician examined the cyst when I went for checkup and had X-ray done for it and did not recommend any treatment, since it did not cause any pain.

Dr. Csoka treated the cyst with Chinese Herbal cones (moxibustion) and acupuncture, and just after two sessions the cyst amazingly, completely disappeared!

Due to the fact that I work so much on the computer, it tends to come back and with one follow up session is gone.”

Susan Luka, Accounting Manager, Newport Beach, CA


54 years old with Chronic Knee Pain

“For several years I have gone to my family doctor to remove fluid from my knees. Needless to say, it is an uncomfortable procedure and quite often painful.

As an alternative, last time I went to see Dr Csoka, who treated me with acupuncture and “herbal candles” (moxibustion) for 1/2 hour. The following day my fluid was down and mobility increased. I had one more 1/2 hour session and the morning following the 2nd treatment my swelling was gone, my mobility restored, all without removal of fluids from my knee joint.”

Ken Zelinski, Laboratory Manager, Orange, CA


34 years old with Breast Cyst

“During the past 6 years I was having problems with breast cyst, both sides. I have had numerous mammogram and twice biopsies. The biopsies result shown “good” condition, but I have not receive any treatments only follow-ups.

Last year I started to take Chinese herbal formulas recommended by Dr Csoka and occasional acupuncture treatments. I was told to continue with herbs at least for 2-3 months!

The last check-up I had in November 2005 with ultrasound and the Dr was prepared to take an other biopsy, but NO cyst was seen on the ultrasound!

I am very pleased with the outcome and the effectiveness of the Chinese herbs. Since I am receiving ear-magnet treatment to prevent any relapses of my condition.”

Martha Guerrero, Costa Mesa, CA


23 years old pregnant female requests “naturally induced labor”

E-mail message:

“hello doctor,

I would be a new patient.

I would like to know if you induce labor? I know that some acupuncturists do.”

The mother was a week “overdue” when she visited me and was administered acupuncture on some points and moxibustion. That happened on the morning on a Saturday, approx. 10:30 am.


E-mail message:

“Girl. Water broke Sat at 8:30pm. She was born Sunday morn at 1:44 am. We credit our lovely 7lb7oc 19.5″ girl and the easy 5 hour labor to you and the science of Accupuncture.”

C.C. San Clemente, CA


Loyal, Stressed out Patient

“I have been treated by Dr. Csoka for several years for acupuncture. She is a very caring and professional doctor who is interested in helping the patient feel their very best. She has flexible hours which I appreciate because of my hectic work schedule. She has successfully treated me for stress, back problems, laryngitis, stiff neck muscles, weight loss, and PMS symptoms.

I live in north Orange County and drive down to Mission Viejo once a week to see her. It is very well worth the drive. I highly recommend Dr. Csoka.”

N. Fernandez, Tustin, CA


Local, Young by Real Age testing, Lulu’s Creperie Cafe Owner


“If your interested in PREVENTING illness and disease and being as well as you can be, go see Dr Csoka. She has a balanced approach to wellness rarely seen these days. At a time when drugs & band aids are too often prescribed without treating the cause and curing the patient, Dr Csoka is a welcome relief. I’ll be 73 in a few months but, I feel as good as I did 20 years ago, even though I run a busy restaurant. I’ve sent several friends to her and they agree.”

L. Garriz


Thriving on Challenging/Difficult Cases

“Dr. Csoka holds an M.D from her native Hungary as a Pulmonologist. She spent 12 years as a cancer researcher and received her PhD in Clinical Pharmacology. She came to the USA 13 years ago and is a Diplomat in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Her expertise allows her to help other doctors with their most challenging cases. She has been my personal doctor for 5 months and has helped me rid my body of pain, disease and prescription medicines. Dr. Csoka has flexible office hours, including evenings and Saturday mornings.

If you are tired of being sick and tired, if you want to focus on wellness instead of sickness, you need to call Dr. C and set up a consultation.

She accepts most insurances.”

T. Dawny


Asthma patient since her childhood

“I have asthma since my childhood and from time to time it gets worse. Prescription meds gave me sooooooo….. many side effects, so I tried acupuncture/herbs by a practitioner who is well versed in both, western and eastern medicine. And I am glad that I did! If you need help like me, come to see Dr Csoka and you will be not only treated but educated as well how to stay healthy with your condition. Two thumbs up Dr C!”

E. Gati


Appreciative Professional

“Dr. Csoka has saved my health. I regard her as my primary physician. She is well diverse in western medicine and oriental medicine. She knows so much about medications and side effects and cuts to the chase. This is a no non-sense professional that tells you the truth about your health situation and what you have to do to get well. I would recommend her to all my family and friends”.

R. Karlson Clinical Nutritionist


Appreciation“It is hard to put in words how appreciative I am for the healing Dr. Csoka has provided me over the past nine months. She is definitely someone you can trust to help you with your health. I recommend her services to all my friends and family.”


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I love your pets! Acupuncture and alternative cures aren’t just for us “human animals,” but also for our beloved pets! – Dr. Csoka


“My new puppy was dying of parvo-virus. The vet projected a $2000 minimum cost with overnight stays and no guarantee, so that was out of the question. Dr Csoka was able to give my dog the the nutrients through IV, give him proper treatment and this was at the fraction of the cost. Thanks to her, today he is well, full of energy and she managed his care without any close calls -this compared to the vet giving us a 50% chance of survival! I would definitely recommend her and Biorient any day of the week for any ailment:) Thank you!!”